sprout1 [spraut] v
[: Old English; Origin: sprutan]
1.) [I and T]
if vegetables, seeds, or plants sprout, they start to grow, producing ↑shoots, ↑buds, or leaves
Move the pots outside when the seeds begin to sprout.
Trees were starting to sprout new leaves.
2.) [i]also sprout up
to appear suddenly in large numbers
Office blocks are sprouting up everywhere.
3.) [I and T]
if something such as hair sprouts or if you sprout it, it starts to grow
Jim seemed to have sprouted a beard.
sprout 2
sprout2 n
1.) especially BrE a small green vegetable like a very small ↑cabbage
2.) a new growth on a plant
= ↑shoot
3.) [usually plural] AmE
an ↑alfalfa seed which has grown a stem and is eaten
4.) [usually plural] AmE

Dictionary of contemporary English. 2013.